DIY Under Couch Storage for Toys

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DIY under couch storage for toys

Repurpose a cardboard box to create custom, hidden toy storage. This DIY under couch storage is easy, inexpensive, and perfect for storing and hiding away toys.

We are constantly looking to improve our storage game so that toys are accessible but easily put away. Our kids love building materials like wooden blocks and bristle blocks, but don’t use them all that often. Since they take up a lot of toy shelf real estate, I needed a better storage solution.

Building blocks and bristle blocks stored under couch in repurposed cardboard boxes

Enter the 3 inches of empty space beneath our couch! I didn’t own a shallow enough plastic bin and couldn’t find one to purchase. So, I checked out my handy cardboard box supply and found a great 13″ x 17″ box. After cutting down the sides, I dumped in the blocks and shoved the box under the couch.

Kids playing with blocks stored in DIY under couch storage

This project gave us so many wins: the blocks are stored neatly away, the kids have easy access to the blocks, pick up is a cinch (dump in the blocks then give the box a shimmy) and we freed up the toy shelf for our ever expanding LEGO collection. Check out how we organize our LEGO instruction books and LEGO models. Since the box is not visible, it can be left plain; or recruit a kiddo to help cover the under couch toy storage box with decorative duct tape. Embrace duct tape boxes for storing toys, art supplies, gloves, and more.

Here are a few more of our favorite storage ideas:

Blocks stored under couch in repurposed cardboard box covered in duct tape

DIY under couch storage works best for short toys, so it’s perfect for building materials. Anything taller than the under couch space, like plastic dinosaurs or small stuffed animals, may fit sideways but clean up will take longer and be more frustrating as the toys will need to be placed carefully rather than just tossed in the box.

Child pushing DIY storage box under the couch

Cardboard is a surprisingly resilient material. We’ve had one box for over two years and it is still performing well. The kids have played in, stepped on, and fallen into the box, but any bends or tears are easily fixed with duct tape or clear packing tape.

Creating DIY custom under couch storage is simple and the process intuitive, but here are my steps and some tips…

DIY Under Couch Storage – Materials

DIY under couch storage materials



tape measure
utility knife

How to DIY Under Couch Storage for Toys

1. Measure Couch and Mark Cardboard Box

Find an appropriate size cardboard box – large enough to hold the toys in a single layer but doesn’t extend beyond the front of the couch. Test fit the toys to ensure the box is large enough to hold them in a single layer.

Measure available height under the couch. Mark the cut line – at least 1″ shorter than the available height – on several places on each side of the box. If you are an estimator like me, use the marks to cut the line. Or use a straight edge to mark a full cut line.

2. Cut Cardboard Box to Create Under Couch Storage

Work on a surface that can withstand a utility knife poke or protect the workspace. Use a utility knife (be careful of course) to cut between the marks (or along the line if you drew one).

Cut cardboard storage box with utility knife

Insert the knife and draw the blade along at an angle for a smooth cut. If you go off the line, just smooth out the cut and keep going. The box doesn’t need to be perfect since it isn’t visible under the couch.

3. Secure Loose Flaps and Seams

Tape loose flaps on cardboard box

Duct tape the loose flaps to the bottom of the box.

Tape loose flaps on sides of cardboard box

Duct tape along outside side seams to make the box more sturdy.

4. Option: Cover DIY Under Couch Storage Box With Duct Tape

Cover under couch storage box with decorative duct tape

For a more visually appealing box (even though it won’t be visible when stored), cover the box with decorative duct tape. Check out our post with some tips to covering a box with duct tape.

5. Store, Play and Repeat

Child dumping blocks in DIY under couch storage box

Dump in the toys and push under the couch.

If you’re looking for somewhere to hide away building toys, try stashing them under the couch in a DIY under couch storage box.

DIY under couch storage for toys

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