Easy Mickey Mouse Ornament

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Add some Disney magic to the tree with this easy Mickey Mouse ornament.

We had such a fun time visiting Disney World this year. The kids loved exploring the Parks, meeting the characters, and enjoying the rides. Who knew the Skyliner would end up one of their favorite “rides”??

Kid pointing at hidden Mickey at Disney World

There’s so much to look at when wandering, but we always keep our eyes open for Hidden Mickeys – the representations of Mickey placed in the attractions and structures. Before our trip, I did some research and made a short list of some Hidden Mickeys to aid our search. I’m not sure who enjoys the hunt more – me or the kiddos!

This Christmas, after hanging our souvenir Skyliner ornament in the tree, I thought it would be fun to add some Hidden Mickeys.

We made small Mickeys out of cork and dowel, added a paper clip hanger, and hung them in deep in the tree. We couldn’t leave Minnie out – so we added a cute red bow. The kiddos love moving our little Hidden Mickey (and Minnie) ornaments in the tree and leading us on the search to find them.


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Involve Kids in Making This Easy Mickey Mouse Ornament

These ornaments are small, so might be a tough for little kids to help. Definitely keep kids a safe distance away when using the sharp craft knife and handsaw. Use your discretion as to how much kids should help, if at all, with hot glue. My kids have slowly learned how to safely use low-temp hot glue – we work together to make sure the glue ends up in the right place and the kids don’t touch the tip or glue.

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Easy Mickey Mouse Ornament – Materials

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How to Make An Easy Mickey Mouse Ornament

1. Cut Ears and Head

For cork ornaments, use a craft knife to cut 1/4″ thick slices for Mickey’s head.

Cut cork with craft knife

If you happen to have a smaller diameter cork, use that for the ears. Otherwise, trim down the diameter of a regular cork using the craft knife. Use caution and keep kids away during this step, as craft knives are VERY sharp. We reduced the diameter to around 1/2″, then cut 1/4″ thick slices for Mickey’s ears.

Our cork Mickey Mouse ornament has the following measurements: 3/4″ diameter for the head and 1/2″ diameter for the ears.

We also made a version from wood dowels in 5/8″ and 3/4″ diameters. Cut into 1/4″ thick slices using a handsaw.

Sand cork with sandpaper for easy Mickey Mouse ornament

Smooth edges and surfaces of the cork or wood with sandpaper.

2. Glue Mickey’s Ears to Head

Using low-temperature hot glue, attach the ears to the head. Reinforce the joints with another line of glue.

3. Attach Hanger to Mickey Mouse Ornament

Cut a paper clip in half, either with a wire cutter or by bending the paper clip back and forth until it breaks.

Use the sharp point of the craft knife (BE CAREFUL) to dig out a small hole for the paper clip hanger. A hand drill also works for this step. Add hot glue to the hole and insert paper clip.

4. Don’t Forget Minnie

Make a Minnie Mouse ornament by adding a red bow

Tie a piece of ribbon into a bow and attach to the finished ornament with low-temp hot glue.

Try out this easy Mickey Mouse ornament and let us know how it goes! Are you going to play “Hidden Mickey”?