LEGO Organization Saga – Episode 1: LEGO Instruction Book Storage

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Binder storing LEGO Instruction Books

LEGO obsession is real, and we are here for it! But with big love of LEGO comes even bigger need for organization. Welcome to the first in a series in our LEGO organization saga – LEGO Instruction Book Storage.

Child putting together LEGO set using instruction book

Our two preschool age kiddos really enjoy putting together LEGO sets. The geniuses behind LEGO make wonderfully clear instruction books. With the detailed and simple instructions, we were shocked at how much our kids could do by themselves. Once assembled, the kids play with the creation for a while, then want to tear it apart and put it back together. We love that the sets are used over and over, but we had to figure out what to do with the instruction books.

Child putting together LEGO set using instruction book

We tested several methods, from stacking in a box, to sorting in a labelled accordion file. These may have worked fine for me, but not for our kids who can’t yet read or maneuver stacks of paper without creating a giant mess. We hit on the perfect solution when I helped my teacher husband organize class materials using 3-ring binders and plastic sheet protectors. Done and done.

Use 3-ring binder for LEGO instruction book storage

I love a simple fix. The kids can easily see the covers and pull the instruction books in and out. Plus, the binder is sturdy and takes up very little space. For now, one binder holds all of our instruction books. As our LEGO collection grows, I anticipate needing several binders separated by category (e.g., LEGO City, Star Wars, LEGO Friends).

The kids enjoyed selecting images for the front cover of our LEGO instruction book storage binder.

Zipper pencil pouch in binder to hold extra LEGO parts

I added a zippered pencil pouch to the back of the binder to hold extra parts from each set.

Extra LEGO parts stored in plastic with label

I place extra pieces in one of the plastic bags included in the set, seal with blue painter’s tape, and write the set name on the tape. This has been a HUGE bonus. Extra pieces are organized, out of the way, and don’t get lost.

Single plastic sheet protector for LEGO instruction book storage

Larger books fit in letter size sheet protectors; I insert them sideways so the binder isn’t too bottom heavy.

Double sheet protector to store two Lego instruction books

Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t find 2-pocket sheet protectors that accommodate rectangular instruction books – none were wide enough. However, some short instruction books fit into 2-pocket sheet protectors made for 4″ x 6″ photos.

Child taking LEGO instruction book out of 3-ring binder with plastic sheet protector

This LEGO instruction book storage method works so well for our family. Sometimes, the kids flip through the binder to select which set to build. We also use it for quick reference if a creation accidentally falls apart and we can’t remember which piece goes where.

LEGO instruction book storage near bookcase of LEGO sets

We keep the binder right next to the completed LEGO sets. It is an integral part of our LEGO organization system, which also includes duct tape covered boxes. I have a feeling this storage method may change as the kids get older and the instruction books get larger.

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How do you store LEGO instruction books?

LEGO instruction book storage using binder and plastic sheet protectors

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