LEGO Organization Saga – Episode 2: LEGO Model Storage

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Bookcase with boxes holding completed LEGO models

Welcome back to our ongoing saga of storing and organizing our ever expanding LEGO collection. In Episode 1, we covered LEGO instruction books, which we store in a binder with plastic sheet protectors. On to our next mission – LEGO model storage.

Child putting together LEGO plane

Our 4- and 5-year old kiddos love LEGO. They spend hours building their own creations with our assortment of pieces. But they’re both really excited about following the instruction book to create a LEGO model. Our current favorites are LEGO Friends animal rescue series, LEGO City vehicles and anything Star Wars.

Once complete, the kids enjoy playing with the assembled models. Shockingly, the models stay mostly together, even with pretty active preschooler play (unless my son decides to play demolition derby).

Kids sitting on the floor playing with LEGO models

The models quickly overran our LEGO area – otherwise known as the living room. To support the kids’ love of building and playing with LEGO (but clear the floor from an array of LEGO hazards), we dedicated a bookcase to storing completed LEGO models. The bookcase, with various storage boxes, contains and organizes the LEGO models. The kids can easily locate each model yet store them safely and neatly away. This system works for us at this stage of our LEGO adventures. I anticipate some modifications as our collection and the kids grow.

Store LEGO models in plastic bin

We keep the most frequently played with models in an open plastic bin or displayed on our LEGO bookcase. Also, we store any bricks that break free from the models in the bin so we can find them for repairs.

Boxes on bookcase shelves for LEGO model storage

For additional storage, we re-use our supply of sturdy boxes from the kids’ monthly subscription kits. As they are all the same size, the boxes stack nicely in the bookcase.

LEGO airplane stored in cardboard box

I modify the boxes to make them easier to open. I remove any interior flaps on the lid so it tucks easily inside the box. Sometimes, I cover the boxes with decorative duct tape.

LEGO airplane stored in cardboard box covered in duct tape

To finish, I affix images of the completed model from the LEGO box. The pictures help the kids find each set and facilitate clean up. Also, we use the picture as a quick reference when a part falls off the model.

LEGO models stored in boxes

Many sets come with multiple components, like vehicles, animals, tools, and buildings. Storing LEGO models with their accessories in labelled boxes makes it easy for the kids to find the complete set.

The LEGO Creator 3 in 1 sets make three different models. Each model uses a different combination of pieces, leaving leftovers. To ensure those pieces stay together, we store the assembled model, extra pieces, and three instruction books in a labelled box.

Cardboard box turned into a duct tape covered tray for LEGO model storage

By removing the lid, the boxes turn into trays perfect for storing taller sets and the kids’ unique LEGO creations.

Bookcase storing completed LEGO models

The kids enjoy taking the models apart and re-assembling them. We keep our binder of LEGO instruction books right next to the bookcase for LEGO model storage.

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Have you come up with a good system for LEGO model storage?