DIY Mounted Garden Tool Storage Box

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This mounted garden tool storage box was a perfect solution for our scattered garden tools. As a bonus, we used repurposed fence pickets, so we kept the cost minimal and freed up some garage storage.

Even though the garden area isn’t spread out or too large, we constantly misplace our garden tools. Since many are sharp and not kid-friendly, we stash them in random, high spots or somewhere in the garage. Rather than continue the tool hunt, Dean constructed a garden tool storage box from unused fence pickets leftover from our fence installation last summer.

mounted garden tool storage box with trowels, shovels, string, and cultivator

We mounted it to the fence so the tools are close to the garden and out of the kiddos’ reach. Adding a door and roof keeps them protected from the elements.


🌱 🥒 We repurposed old cedar fence pickets to make a garden tool storage box. Mounted right on our fence, the tools are easy to reach but out of the way. 🥕🥔 Check out our process – search “garden tool” at #diyproject #imadethis #doityourself #repurpose #gardening #gardentoolstorage #diyidea

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Our garden tool box holds our favorite garden tools:

The mounted garden tool box also holds a spray bottle with our homemade aphid deterrent made from water, a couple drops of dish soap, and a teaspoon of vegetable oil.

We keep the sharp tools away from the kiddos. Instead, we have kid-friendly tools to encourage their help in the garden. The long-handled tools hang directly on the fence, but are mostly used for playing in the dirt pile.

mounted garden tool storage box with hanging tools

Making projects from repurposed materials is always interesting. We rarely have the exact size, so there are often extra steps to join pieces together. Whenever possible, we let the pieces guide the finished size of our project. For example, with this mounted garden tool storage box, we made the width 4 fence pickets rather than a set measurement. Also check out our sport equipment storage made from repurposed fence panels. When using repurposed wood, cut out any warped or unusable sections. We’re sharing our process, but yours will likely differ based on the type and size of available wood.

We’ve had a great summer with our garden keeping Dean and the kids busy weeding, pruning, harvesting, and snacking!

Kids planting vegetables in the garden

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Select Wood for A Mounted Garden Tool Storage Box

This mounted garden tool storage box is a great project for repurposed materials. When selecting wood for this project, consider whether the storage will live outside or inside and use appropriate wood. 3/4″ pressure treated plywood would work well and save time; just cut the plywood to size instead of joining pieces of wood to create panels. Prime and paint if using wood that isn’t meant to be outside.

Why We Love Pocket Holes

At the start of Dean’s carpentry journey, he researched various joint tools and techniques. He settled on pocket hole joinery for most of his projects. Pocket hole joints can be used to connect boards end to end or at a right angle. A pocket hole is a strong joint, plus it is quick and easy (once you get the hang of the process). Pocket holes don’t require many tools – just a drill, wood glue, clamps (sometimes), and screws. A pocket hole jig makes the process so much easier and can be used for 1/2″ stock and larger (although Dean found that it works best for 3/4″ or larger). Make sure to use wood glue.

DIY Mounted Garden Tool Storage Box – Materials

Mounted garden tool storage box made from repurposed cedar fencing


  • repurposed wood
  • exterior screws
  • exterior wood glue
  • exterior brad nails
  • 120-grit sandpaper
  • exterior hinges and lock
  • landscape construction adhesive
  • shingles
  • roofing nails


How We Made a Mounted Garden Tool Storage Box

1. Plan and Choose Materials

Decide on storage box’s size, considering the sizes of the various garden tools. Our finished storage box was 29″ tall (including the “roof”), 7″ deep, and 22″ wide.

Repurposed cedar fence pickets

We repurposed cedar fence pickets for our mounted garden tool storage box. The pickets were 5 1/2″ wide. Before purchasing wood, check for scrap wood suitable for outdoor projects.

2. Join Pickets to Form 1 Front and 2 Back Panels

Using repurposed wood creates extra steps to join the pickets and create the box’s back and front panels. These steps wouldn’t be necessary if using plywood.

front and back panels for mounted garden tool storage box

We created 3 panels by joining the pickets together; the front and back panels were the same size, and the inner back panel was 3/4″ shorter on all sides.

Cut cedar pickets on miter saw

First, Dean cut 8 pickets for the front and back panels to length – 24″.

pocket holes used to join cedar fence pickets together

Join the pickets using pocket holes – first drill pocket holes in 6 of the 8 pickets, then apply wood glue along the length, and finish by screwing in each pocket hole. The “glue-up” method is another option for creating the panels; but Dean didn’t have the proper clamps.

Add sides to back panel

Dean made a second, smaller back panel to form a channel to attach the box’s sides. Basically, he created a rabbet joint – a recess along the panel edge. Rather than rabbeting the picket with a router or saw, he built up the channel by adding a second panel. With our thin 3/4″ pickets, this seemed like a more secure option.

To make the inner back panel, Dean cut 4 pickets 1 1/2″ shorter than the back panel (to leave a 3/4″ channel on the top and bottom to hold the 3/4″ side pickets). Leaving a 3/4″ clearance on all edges, he glued 3 pickets to the back panel, then secured in place with a brad nailer. He cut the width of the 4th picket to leave 3/4″ channel on the side, then nailed it in place.

Sand panels for mounted garden tool storage box

Sand all sides and edges of each panel with random orbital sander and 120-grit sandpaper.

3. Measure and Cut Sides

For ease of cutting, Dean made the tool storage box the width of a picket – 5 1/2″. Measure and mark the length of the top, bottom, and side pieces, then cut on a miter box. Glue a side piece in place onto the back panel, then secure with brad nails through the back and side of the picket. Repeat for the other 3 sides.

Then glue and secure the corners with brad nails.

4. Add Braces to the Front Panel

Add brace to front door of mounted garden tool storage box

To strengthen the door, Dean attached 2 braces to the inside of the front door. He cut down the picket to 2″ wide and 1/2″ shorter than the panel width. Drill recess holes into the brace, then attach to inside panel with glue and screws.

5. Add Hardware

Add exterior-safe hinges to the front panel and side with screws. Then add an exterior-safe latch with screws.

Add nails to hang garden tools

To hang garden tools, Dean used nails as hooks on the inside back panel.

6. Add Roof

Add roof

Dean decided to add a little roof to the tool storage box. He cut a top and 2 angled pieces from pickets. Using pocket holes, he attached the two angled pieces with glue and screws, then attached the roof board with glue and screws.

Cut excess shingles with utility knife

We had some leftover shingles, so he attached them with roofing nails and landscape construction adhesive. Cut any overlap with utility knife.

He enclosed the front with another scrap picket, cut to size. Attach with glue and screws. Fill any gaps to prevent bugs and bees from inhabiting the top. Dean used landscape construction adhesive, since it was open and handy. Silicon, caulk, or insulating foam would also work – whatever is hanging around ready for use.

7. Mount DIY Garden Tool Storage Box

We mounted the garden tool storage box on our fence, right next to our garden. Dean added a block, the same width as the fence rail, to the fence using 2″ screws. He then secured the box to the fence rail and block using 3″ screws.

Do you have garden tools in need of storage? Let us know if we can answer any questions.

Mounted Garden Tool Storage Box